2017-18 Southwest Indian Cyclone season
First system formed 13 November 2017
Last system dissipated 2 May 201
Strongest storm Brandonrecorded low pressure worldwide – 875 hPa (mbar), 285 km/h (180 mph) (10-minute sustained)
Total disturbances >10
Tropical depressions >9
Total storms >4
Tropical cyclones >3
Intense tropical cyclones >2
Very intense tropical cyclone >1
Total fatalities >2,656 indirect and >300 direct
Total damage over $900 billion (2018 USD)
(costliest recorded worldwide)
South-West Indian Ocean tropical cyclone seasons
2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20
13November.  Super Intense Tropical Cyclones are cyclones with winds of 245 km/h or more.

Season summary

Three storms formed on November: Amanda, Brandon, and Clare. Amanda was a tropical storm which caused $8 million dollars in damage and made landfall near the African  island. Brandon was severe and hit the African island too. Brandon also asborbed Amanda on November 30. Brandon caused $18 billion dollars. Clare was a severe tropical storm that caused nothing. Clare crossed over to December.

Five storms formed on December due to a La Nina, they were: Daniel, Eric, Finn, Gilbert, and Harry. Daniel was a normal cyclone that stayed out to the sea. Eric was a subtropical storm that lasted for 8 weeks(56 days) that crossed to January. Finn was at 170 km/h due to 40% wind shear. Gilbert was a Very Intense tropical cyclone that had 235 km/h. Harry was a subtropical depression that was a tropical cyclone in the Southeast Indian ocean, entered the Southwest Indian ocean. Eric and Gilbert crossed to January.

Nine storms formed in January: Isabel, Kate, Larry, Marco, Nate, Ophelia, Philip, Stan, and Tom.  Isabel was a very intense tropical cyclone that caused $25 billion dollars. Kate was a Tropical Cyclone that hit South Africa. Larry was a intense tropical cyclone. Marco and Nate were super intense cyclones. Ophelia had a ragged eye. Philip was a tropical cyclone. Stan and Tom were Very intense and crossed over to Feb..

Five storms formed in Feb.: Victoria, Walter, Xavier, Zack, and Alpha. Victoria was a severe tropical storm and lasted from Feb. 3 to Feb. 25. Walter was so intense that killed 453 people mainly from very  high surfs. Xavier and Zack were very intense. The RSMC started to use the greek names. Alpha was the 1st storm from greek alphabet.

Seven storms formed in March: Beta, Gamma, Delta, Zeta, Eta, Theta, and Iota. Beta____________________________________________. Gamma______________________________________. Delta______________________. Zeta_________________________________________________________________. Eta____________________________________________________________________________________________________________. Theta________________________________. Iota____________________________________________________.

___________storms formed in April:__________________________________.


Tropical Storm Amanda(Angela)

A tropical disturbance formed in the early hours of  13 November(01:00UTC). At 06:00UTC, the disturbance was given 01S. JTWC think of some names, then JTWC got naming lists for the Southern Hemisphere. JTWC upgraded the storm to a tropical storm and named it "Angela"............

Clockwise vortex
Duration Unknown – Unknown
Peak intensity Winds unknown