At the end of 2023, 85% of climate prediction models began to indicate the possibility of a new El Niño formation during the summer of 2024. By March 2024, the temperature anomaly in Niño 3.4 was already at + 0.6 ° C, Which means that it was already in the territory of weak El Niño. In May, NOAA activated Niño Advisory, warning that El Niño conditions were already present. The warming of the waters of the Pacific became more and more solid, until in December 2024, El Niño reached its peak, with temperature anomaly at + 1.9ºC, being classified as the strongest El Niño since the event of 2015- 16. From January 2025, El Niño began to weaken rapidly. At the end of February, the temperature anomaly was already at + 0.7ºC and in April, NOAA declared that El Niño 2024-25 was dead. This month, the models were already indicating the possibility of forming a La Niña during the fall of 2025.


MAR/2024: +0.6ºC APR/2024: +0.9ºC MAY/2024: +1.0ºC JUN/2024: +1.1ºC JUL/2024: +1.1ºC AUG/2024: +1.3ºC SEP/2024: +1.5ºC OCT/2024: +1.6ºC NOV/2024: +1.7ºC DEC/2024: +1.9ºC JAN/2025: +1.6ºC FEB/2025: +1.1ºC MAR/2025: +0.5ºC APR/2025: -0.0ºC

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