Storm Name Rating Deaths Injuries Dates Description
One Tropical depression 1 4 June 3, 2029-June 4, 2029 A broad area of low pressure became a tropical depression, after a few hours the system made landfall in Mexico...the system diminished on June 4, 1 person died after slippery roads caused to crash into a Semi truck.
Alan Tropical storm 10,000+ 30,000+ June 5, 2029 The remnants of One moved into the Gulf of Mexico, on the night on June 5 the system organized into a tropical storm, the storm had 70MPH winds when it violently made a landfall in Louisiana, many homes were devastated in the aftermath. the system did get named Subtropical Storm Alan later that morning however, Alan was retired in 2030 and was replaced with Alex for the 2035 hurricane season. People compared the storm in the aftermath to 2005's Stan.
Bonnie Category 4 hurricane 0 0 June 18-23, 2029 A tropical wave emerged from the African coast on June 17, the system became Bonnie on June 18, and then rapidly intensified, the storm was already a Category 3 hurricane by the next day...Bonnie then became a 155MPH Category 4 (the original advisory said that it was a 160MPH Category 5) however Bonnie entered cold water on June 22, and rapidly weakened.
Collin Category 5 hurricane 12,194 40,176 June 25-July 3, 2029 The remnants of Bonnie moved towards Bermuda, on June 25 the system was declared as Tropical Depression Four...the system became a hurricane that day, on June 27 the system became a Category 5 hurricane...the system moved into Bermuda and killed 80% of Bermuda's population, the system then moved onto the East Coast, Collin was most notable for the large amount of deaths and the extreme winds, the storm had peak winds of 200MPH, the storm weakened in early July and diminished on July 3rd.

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