2038 Topeka, Kansas tornado
EF5 tornado (NWS)
F5 Moore 1999 Tornado

The tornado at peak stregth
Date June 7, 2038
Times 1550 - 1645 CDT
Touchdown location Outside Topeka, Kansas
Injuries 167
Fatalities 31
Damage $2.21 billion
Areas affected In and around Topeka, Kansas
Part of the
2038 tornado season

The 2038 Topeka, Kansas tornado was a tornado that followed a remarkably similar path to the 1966 Topeka, Kansas F5 tornado, affecting nearly the same areas along its path as its previous counterpart decades before. The tornado cause the deaths of 31 people, injured 167 others, causing $2.21 billion in damages, the 3rd highest tornado damage count on record.

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