The 2998-2999 tornado season was the deadliest tornado season ever recorded since 1925. More than 500,000 civilians died. This season won't be forgotten.

The Quad-State Tornado

On April 28, the National Weather Service issued a Tornado Watch for the state of Oklahoma, the next day, storm chasers reported a tornado touch down, the Tornado Watch was immediately upgraded to a Tornado Warning. The Tornado first was classified as a EF-1, with a distance of 1.6 miles, but it quickly strengthened to a EF-3 within a 2 hour span. On May 1, The tornado slowly moved towards Oklahoma City, killing over 1,450 people, it then moved out of Oklahoma.

It began its path into Arkansas. On May 5th, it made a direct impact at Fort Smith, killing 680 people, the Tornado strenghtened into an EF-4. And grew in distanice with a record of 3 miles. It slowly moved South and moved into Texarkana on May 10. It did not kill anybody, but serverly damaged man y homes in that area of destruction. It then moved into Louisiana, it began its new path to Shreveport, and nearly damaged all the houses. It moved West and slowly made its way to Texas. It made its way to Dallas, killing 3,000 people.

It then severly damaged Globe Life in Arlington on May 12. It slowly weakened into a EF-3 and brought heavy rains and a 1 minute sustained winds of 162 mph. It then weaknened into a EF-2. Then it hit Austin as a 109 mph EF-2. Which slightly damaged houses. And then weakened again into a EF-1. And then slowly rised into the air and then dissipated May 13.

The Quiet Tornado