Category 12 hurricane
Counterclockwise vortex
Duration December 15th, 2019(became tropical on the 16th) – January 10th, 2020(extra-tropical after December 31, 2019)
Peak intensity 755 mph (1215 km/h) (1-min) < 762 mbar (hPa)
197 tornadoes


Tornadoes' Timeline
Location Time(UTC) Date State Enhanced Fujita Number Information Damage More Info More more info More Info
16 SW of Miami 16:56-17:05



Florida 11 The first tornado spawned by C10 Hurricane Carla was at 6:56 PM EWST.  As of 6:59 PM EWST, it destroyed a house by peak intensity. It disipated at 7:05 PM EWST
35 SE of Waperland County 17:02-18:55 December 17 Missippi 11 As of 6:02 PM AWEST,
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