Hurricane Carlos
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Formed March 6, 3563
Dissipated March 28, 3563
Accumulated Cyclone Energy 1006.43(recorded high)
Highest winds 455 mph
(1-minute sustained winds)
Lowest pressure 806
Damages $145 trillion
Direct Fatalities 462
Indirect Fatalities 243
Missing 1,256
Areas affected Cuba, all of the Gulf of Mexico(Louisiana hit: Category 5 hurricane), New Jeresy(Middlesex), New York City and Canada
Part of the
3563 Atlantic hurricane season
Carlos was the costliest hurricane in US and Mexico. Carlos formed from a tropical wave from Africa and Europe on Early March. On March 4th it rapidly became a cat. 6  hurricane from tropical depression status. It reached its peak 650 trots. Trots is a new unit. It had 806 mbar. It quickly made landfall on Cuba on March 6th. It then weaken to a Cat. 5 hurricane then became a Cat. 6 hurricane. Carlos weaken to a Cat 4 hurricane. It was a blasting Category 4 hurricane for March 5-March 8. It affected the rest later until it dissipate on March 28.
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